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On this page are some helpful author resources we at Parson Place Press think may be useful to you. Not all resources shown here are Christian owned or managed. These are sites separate and independent of Parson Place Press. We do not manage, maintain, or influence their offerings and are therefore not responsible for their content. You must use your own personal discretion in evaluating their value to you. If you know of a good resource that you think would be a nice additon to this page, let us know, and we'll consider adding it here. Thank you for your interest!

Writing Careers

Creative Jobs for English Majors -- compiled and hosted by Maryville University (recommended by Ms. G. Howard and one of her high school English students, Tyler)

Education for Writers

American Writers and Artists Institute
in Delray Beach, FL
A great resource whether you're looking to hone your writing skills or learn a new writing skill or hire a writer for a project!

Manuscript Editing and Proofing

Here are two excellent articles on the value of hiring a good manuscript editor:

Why Are Editors So Expensive? and The Other Reason Editors Are SO Expensive (Continuation from Previous Article)
by Belinda Pollard

Finesse Writing and Editing Service
Let Deb Porter, editor of FaithWriters Magazine, edit your manuscript for publication.

Book Editing Associates
Need help getting your manuscript ready for publication? Let these folks help.

Fran Lowe
Email Fran with your query about editing fees, etc.

Try the following online tools for help with doing your own editing:

Word Counter
Check the word count of your article to ensure you don't exceed the minimum word count prescribed by your newspaper or magazine editor.

Grammar Check
Use this online grammar checking tool.

eBook Preparation

Convert your manuscript into an eBook. Learn more at Parson Place eBook Conversion Services.

Get A Publishing Panacea: How to Be Your Own Publisher in the Digital Age by Michael L. White

The Be Your Own Publisher Digital Package
Browse the dedicated site now to learn everything the digital package contains, and then purchase for immediate download so you can begin learning how to be your own publisher in this digital age TODAY!

Get Joel Friedlander's Book Design Templates for both print and eBook formats.


A Writer's Guide to Successful Book Marketing (2012 edition) by Michael L. White
Get great ideas in this eBook on how to promote your book more effectively.

Publicity Hound by Joan Stewart
Find tons of helpful advice and tips for getting FREE publicity, how to pitch journalists, and more.

Publicity Insider
Before you begin writing that "killer" press release, this is a very good place to start.

PR Free
An amazingly free place to submit your press release to a wide audience.

PRWeb Press Release Newswire
Submit your press release, read other press releases, and more.

Press Release Writing
Get helpful tips for writing effective press releases here.

Press Release 123
Choose from several distribution options for your next press release here.

Book Marketing Tools
Find tools for marketing your book here.

Media Finder
Find, analyze, sort, and download detailed information on 70,000 U. S. and Canadian periodicals.

Literary Agents

Guide to Literary Agents
This site is designed to give writers accurate information on literary agents.

Articles and Books for Writers

Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace by Sarah Bolme
This book has what other marketing books lack: Specific resources with contact information for marketing in the Christian marketplace!

Christian Writer's Market Guide -- 2022 Edition
by Steve Laube

The Christian Writers Market Guide - 2022 Edition is the most comprehensive and recommended resource on the market for finding an agent, an editor, a publisher, a writing coach, a podcast, a writing course, or a place to sell whatever you are writing. Wherever you are in your writing journey the Guide will help you find what you are looking for. Nearly 1,000 listings including more than 200 book publishers, 150 periodical publishers, 40 specialty markets, 200 writers conferences and writers groups around the world, 40 literary agencies, 250 freelance editors and designers, 15 writing-related podcasts, and much more!

Writing Success Secrets: Practical Tips and Tricks for Everyday Writing by Shaun Fawcett
Loads of practical tips for effective writing in this extensive e-Book.

Great Advice for Freelance Writers
If writing is your business, you need to read this article on All Connect. After reading that, browse the rest of their site to find other helpful articles.

Web Sites for Writers

Money-Saving Guide for Authors and Writers
Loads of information on how to navigate the difficult waters of being a professional author/writer. Thanks to Mrs. Kelly Miller and her daughter Marissa for this suggestion!

How to Build a Website in 2022: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide
It might have been better for this writer to have left off the year on this how-to article, but the information will remain fairly timeless. I recommend it for any author who is trying to decide how to proceed with setting up his/her own official author website.

Free Resources That Will Make You a Better Writer
Devon Feurer, Business Manager at Zippia. Zippia is a resource site for job seekers who want to empower their career aspirations with knowledgeable data. Featured in USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC and the NY Times, among other leading publications.

Guide to Succeeding As a Freelance Writer
Devon Feurer, Business Manager at Zippia. Zippia is a resource site for job seekers who want to empower their career aspirations with knowledgeable data. Featured in USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC and the NY Times, among other leading publications.

Writers Digest
Writer's Digest is the No. 1 Resource for Writers, Celebrating the Writing Life and What it Means to be a Writer in Today's Publishing Environment.

Writers Net
Writing resources, news, and discussion for authors.

The Writer's Edge
Since 1993, a program to find, encourage, and develop Christian books.

Share your writings for critiques, contribute to the FaithWriters Magazine, find publishers, create your own writer's web site, get a Christian email account, and much more. Join for free or subscribe as a FaithWriters 500 member and get great extras. Listed as one of the Top 100 Sites for Writers by Writer's Digest in 2006.

Writing World
All sorts of helpful tips, links to other helpful writers resources, and more.

Writing Tips Infographics for Writers
Check out these various infographics to help you avoid a wide variety of writing mistakes.

The Ultimate Freelance Writing Career Guide
Contains a wide variety of tools, tips, and other great info to help writers find what they need to succeed.

60 Helpful Freelance Writing Career Resources
Lots of useful information for embarking upon and managing your freelance writing career.

Web Site Development and Enhancements for Writers

How WordPress Changed the Internet: 17 Facts About WordPress
by the researchers at Broadband Search

Website Builders
Compare some of the most popular Website Builders to determine which you think best suits your needs and budget.

Get more traffic with this FREE traffic exchange.

Tax Advice for Writers

Great advice from Turbo Tax.
Thanks to Katie, Jan and friends at the Creative Girls Adventure Book Club for this recommendation!

Marketing Helps

Book Marketing Works by Brian Jud

Book Marketing Bestsellers by John Kremer

Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace by Sarah Bolme

Marketing Christian Books Blog by Sarah Bolme

Watch this ten minute interview by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner with Christopher Penn (very enlightening!)